Every since I attended my horror convention I have tried show support to indie film makers. At any one of your decent sized horror cons you will more than likely find at least a hand full of these truly dedicated film makers who are doing it their way, on their terms, and by any means necessary. To give my support I always try and buy at least one if not multiple films at each convention. An added bonus to doing so is most of the time when purchasing said films I have the opportunity to meet and chat with these hard working, creative. and sometimes extremely talented creators. With them on hand selling their own film  gives the fans the perfect opportunity to get their DVD signed and what not. Who knows one of these renegade director may just be the next Wes Craven.For tonight's 365Horror film of choice we will be viewing a film that I purchased at the last Horror Hound Weekend in Columbus at the Concept media Films table. It was a pleasure when buying to meet  Liz Shively (Special EFX/Make-up) and star Corey Thrush. Time for tonight's indie spook show....roll the footage.
       "The Sleeping Soul" directed, edited, produced, and written by Shawn Burkett. What a spectacular spooky haunting flick this turned out to be. I always go into indie films with my expectations set low, one needs to take into consideration that indie horror is made on shoe string budget, but Sleeping Soul  is an stylistic film that is way ahead of the curve and through out the film it would be hard to find something that says low budget. Shawn Burkett is a DIY film maker that 365 will be keeping their eye on. Visual the film is crisp and come off very realistic. Match that with the acting skills of the films main actress Ayse Howard who plays Grace James, a 20 something woman spiralling out of control with grief from a traumatizing experience a year prior almost to the date. Grace and her Fiance Corey Thrush were expecting their first child but end up getting hit by a drunk driver (Scott Gillespie). Not only does Grace lose her unborn child's father but the baby dies as well. She is absolutely haunted by this life changing event and losses all control of her life. She's not eating, she can't sleep as a result of traumatic event replay nightmares, and she has a heavy drinking problem. This doesn't go well with the drugs she is prescribed to deal with her issues. As if that isn't enough story for you the film also includes a creepy supernatural element. With Grace using a self psychiatry/sleep diary process on her computer we see her fall apart one day at a time. This also creates a great angle for the film as well. There may not be a bunch of gore but the film makes up for it with story, character development, and crazy shit going on in the kitchen. Bath Tubs, wine , and hands full of pills never end well as a combination. Even with Grace rotting away right in front  of us Ms. Howard is stunningly beautiful all the while. She is just as hot, or hotter than any Suicide Girl I have ever seen and has acting chops to match. The film has some nudity, and graphic violence. The minimalism of this artistic film really works in it's favor. The only thing I would say I didn't like about the film was the length. I would love to see this made into a full length feature. I only wish all indie films turned out so good. There are some great twists to the end of the film as well. I was happy to be to pulled into this film. Lots of jumps scares to go along with this ghostly tale.
      I would highly suggest this film to any and all indie cinema lovers. I'm not not surprised and can totally see why this film has been Choose to show at Fright Night Film Festival at the end of June. I look forward to seeing the film again with a crowd. I had my expectations totally out done by film. the creative team on "The Sleeping Soul" should be really proud of what they have given to the masses. One thing is for sure this film truly has it's own soul. I can't wait to see the effect on my sleeping tonight. I look forward to viewing the other films from Mr.Burkett and company.
      365 would like to thank all the horror fans that came out last night for the showing. We thank Ben for having us at the Rozz-Tox. It was an absolute blast. Those who were to scared to come out on a Thursday missed out on a great night. With last night's success it looks like we will be moving back to a weekend slot. In fact we are almost ready to finalize the next event which will tentatively be happening Saturday June 16th at the Rozz-Tox. As of right now we are planning to have a 365 Horror Films Ladies Night that will feature two films that focus on Woman in the Horror cinema. We plan to show Henenlotter's "Frankenhooker: A Terrifying Tale of Sluts and Bolts" along with a second film that we are hoping to confirm in the next day or so.

     Our Art Director,Chuck Cushman. is now going to be adding a review now and again along with his usual duties handling all our art needs. here is one of his reviews. Chuck also gave me a big
Dog Soldiers (released in 2002 with a run time of 105 minutes)
This British horror film was written and directed by Neil Marshall
This film takes place in the Scottish highlands and is set on the lead role of Private Cooper. The story is set on six British army soldiers performing a routine training exercise in the woods. They come across a Special Forces outpost, or the remains of one, while on their exercise and then things get rough. With only one remaining member still alive and an abundance of unsettling images of grotesque intestines strewn about the forest floor they spot full cases of ammo, guns and explosives just looming all around them. They gear up while the Erie noises and sounds begin to flood the remains of the outpost. Then the wolves appear as the sun disappears into the horizon. Only they are not normal wolves but towering werewolves thirsty for rich British blood. The story leads on and has some twists and turns along the way. Lots of deaths and interesting fight scenes as the six men hold their ground and pray for the morning. It’s not super gory but definitely has its fair share of intestines, entrails and bloody dismemberment throughout the film. This was a tasty reimagining of a monster that has had way too much exposure over the years. It keeps to the werewolf roots and the film has lots of character within the men and the furthering plot. It’s a must see and is worth the time to watch it again for stuff you may have missed the first time around.


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